About the Cariboo Region of BC

A rich history lies behind the beautiful scenery of the 100 Mile House area of Central British Columbia, Canada.

In the 1860’s a gold rush to the Barkerville district north of 100 Mile House brought the Cariboo Wagon Road through our area, thus opening the territory to European settlement. This brought much activity to the area. Ranches sprang up among the meadows and pines to raise cattle and other food for the miners and other travelers. 100 Mile House was originally a stopping house for men and their horses 100 miles from the head of the Wagon Road at Lillooet. There are many books, often written in a homespun style, about the area’s people and their stories.

A new kind of adventurer visits the South Cariboo today (“Cariboo” is a name for our area which seems to have no known origin). These are mainly city folks looking for a laid-back and natural spot to get away to. Some do this by owning a lake-country property for weekends and holidays. These days, many are choosing to leave the city altogether and live the Cariboo lifestyle full time. The piney forests and rolling hills allow easy passage for foot travel, horseback riding, all terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. The area is popular with horse people. Many of the area’s acreage Two ranch handsproperties are graced with one or more of these noble animals. Whatever your plans for the Cariboo, you will find here a warm atmosphere plus many lakes, forests, mountains plus open rangeland to relax in and explore. It’s a place where people often find they can get back to their real selves. Welcome!

100 Mile House serves an area from Clinton in the south to Lac la Hache in the north; from Lac des Roches in the east to far out in the rangeland across the Fraser River to the west. The area has about 20,000 people. The town of 100 Mile House has 2,100 people. The main industries of the area are forestry (and its value added products such as log homes), ranching, and tourism. Many top artists, attracted by the scenery and lifestyle, call the Cariboo home.